"Thank You, Natsu."

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You know what, I just found this blog and I love you already. LUCY SHOULD SO BE MORE BADASS!! But I do think it's awfully cute whenever Natsu saves Lucy... Maybe that's just my girly feels making an appearance. —Anonymous

Ahhh, thanks anon :3

AND I WANT IT SO BAD! I also love Natsu saving Lucy (the girly feels are strong in me as well ahaha), but Natsu needs to share! Sharing is caring!!

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I'll always be the lucky one  
(for Michelle)

you can follow me.? ;3 —jinoraxd

Well, the first thing I saw when I opened your blog was Kiba, the first anime crush I ever had and the love of my life, so I think I can.


Unfortunately, this blog is tied to my personal one, so I’ll have to follow you through that. (:

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I am a huge fan of the current relationship status that Natsu and Lucy have. They have a way of motivating each other to keep on living, ya know? I really want NaLu to be canon, but I like their relationship as friends as well. Thoughts? —bubblesinger

Oh, I definitely agree! I love their friendship! It is one of my favorite things about them! Though, I think a romantic relationship between them wouldn’t be all that different, as they are extremely close already. Of course there are differences between best friends and lovers and I’m simplifying it, but I think that friendship transitions well into romantic relationships and that it is possible for people to be both.
That being said, I would actually rather them not be canon until closer to the end of the manga. It’s a personal preference of mine, but I like the anticipation of “will they or not?” and I enjoy the character development in slow romances. If it were up to me, I would want to see them grow together in this current state and become canon towards the end, with a little time for us to see them together as a couple. This way, they can be their own characters and aren’t defined by their relationship. Maybe that’s cliche, but I think it’s a nice cliche, especially when its done really well. (:

Will you come home and stop this pain tonight? 
Stop this pain tonight.
(I miss you, I miss you) x




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Hey, guys, please don’t be rude to Nali fans. People are allowed to have ships that aren’t canon (which goes for us too, ya know…). Its pretty crappy to give Nali shippers a hard time just because there were a lot of our ship moments in this episode, especially when you tag them. You wouldn’t like the reverse, so please be a civil shipper. Thank you.



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